National Hamburger Week Day 4: Mad Fox Brewing Company, Falls Church



Every Wednesday is Epic Burger Day at Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church. So guess where we spent hump day of National Burger Week?

Each week, Chef Andrew Dixon does his wizardry with the meat and bun and puts together a one-day-only creation that ranges from slightly eccentric to the just plain batshit insane. This most recent installment in the Epic Burger series was on the tame-end of the spectrum-- a Tex-Mex number with a spicy turkey patty topped with roasted tomato salsa, pepper jack, pickled jalapeños, guacamole and LTO.

It should go without saying that we swapped the bird for the cow with the end result providing another successful entry into the Burger Week log. After a three-day run of exceedingly heavy burgers, the makeup of Mad Fox's provided a nice change. The lettuce was about three sizes too big and could have been ditched altogether but the package as a whole was excellent. The flavors were sharp and bright and the fresh veggies added a much appreciated crunch. The best topping of the bunch, however, was the  lime-infused guac-- it was killer.

Four burgers down, three to go. Let's keep this meat train rolling.

Mad Fox Brewing Company | 444 West Broad Street | Falls Church | 

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