Monday is Cheap Burger Day at Arlington’s brgr:shack


Anything that helps us stretch our burger budget gets us all antsy in the pantsy.

Lucky for our wallets, jumping into beefy frugality is Arlington’s brgr:shack with the introduction of a new Monday deal.

All day Monday you can get their m:brgr –a 7 oz. burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, American or cheddar and Shack (Thousand) Island sauce– for just five bucks. That’s two bucks off the menu price.

Considering you’re getting a quality, good-sized burger, and compared with the typical D.C.-area joint cheeseburger running almost 1-3 bucks more (BGR: $8, BBP: $6.75, Five Guys: $6, ShakeShack (double): $7.25), this is a solid deal.

Hey, we love all kinds of burgers, but we ain’t gonna lie– cheap burgs are our favorites.

  • burgermary

    @burgerdays amen, yo!

  • thedcam

    Maybe review grocery-store frozen burgers? RT @burgerdays We ain’t gonna lie– cheap burgs are our favorites.

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