Mid-Week Burger Roundup: Austin Grill, Five Guys, Beer & More

Burgers are just about all we ever think about here and we need an outlet for all the news we accumulate throughout the week. We've decided to start doing mid- and end-of-week burger news roundups so we don't explode in beefy knowledge. A lot of this stuff is the kind of news and info you'd find if you were following us on Twitter (@burgerdays) or Facebook (seriously, follow us, now.) but wrapped up all nicely into a burger digest. Peep this installment after the break.

The Rolling Hangover

Austin Grill is jumping in on the food tuck craze with their own meals-on-wheels entry . This should come in handy after our benders so we can grab a Hangover Burger on-the-go. Now rolling through the streets of Arlington and D.C., check 'em on Twitter @AGTruckDC for locations.  

Five Guys is Killin' It

Five Guys Burgers & Fries, whose burger domination started in 1986 with a single store in Arlington, is now the fastest growing restaurant chain in the U.S. And it's not even close. The local boys saw a 38% jump in their revenue last year beating out the #2, Jimmy John's, at 22%. Keep doing your thing Guys. (Thanks to the DC AM for the tip)  

Three Square Meals

We found this bacon-wrapped burger recipe on the web and have decided to go all Atkins and just eat these all day. By our calculations, we can have one of these meaty bad boys for breakfast, lunch and dinner and come in right at the FDA's recommended daily calorie intake. Score.  

Free Half-Smokes at Ben's; Cheap Green Shakes at Z Burger

Z Burger in Tenelytown is pouring 99 cent green mint chocolate shakes from 3 - 6 p.m. on St. Patrick's Day. That's great and all but we want some cheap eats. FREE GRUB UPDATE: Missed this the first time through, but Ben's Chili Bowl is hookin' you up with free half-smoke chili dogs on St. Patty's today. The catch? Gotta wear some DC United duds. While you're there, grab a burger.  

Net + Five Guys = Hearts

On the social media front, Five Guys is also at the top of the heap as a recent report showed them receiving the most digital love compared to other burger joints, beating out veterans In-N-Out and White Castle among others. While we're all for the virtual burger love, but we prefer ours in real life.  

We Love Beer, Too

Oh, this has nothing to do with burgers, but we love boozers with the same amount of gusto as we love our beef patties, so we just had to share this potentially-awesome news. Dr. Dremo's, the Arlington beer house that closed in December of 2008, is apparently showing interest in reopening in the old Ski Chalet building on Columbia Pike. Oh, please, please, make it so. [blackbirdpie url="http://twitter.com/#!/pikewire/status/47763015088607232"]

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