Austin Grill Gets Sloppy


AG's new Slopper. Photo: Austin Grill.

We've never been known to keep it clean and now with Austin Grill's new burger, we can make sure it won't happen anytime soon. The Tex-Mex joint with locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia just debuted their Austin Slopper, a burger so messy it comes served in a bowl. The sloppy-ass beast comes with a cheese-stuffed patty on a bun, which is topped by more cheese and then the whole thing is covered in a pork and green Chile sauce. And on top of that, they throw a bunch of fries into mix. Not sure if it's served with a fork or spoon, but whatever, we don't use utensils when it comes to our burgers anyway. Screw the bib too, we'll tackle this sucker bareback. This Thursday, for Cinco de Mayo, each Grill location will be holding a Slopper-eating contest with the first person polishing off three of these things winning a $500 gift card. Good for your wallet, not so much for the toilet.

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