It’s About Damn Time: Gourmet Burgers Coming to D.C.’s Food Truck Scene

One of the most frustrating things for us, being the fanatical burger lovers we are, is the utter lack of options in the D.C. food truck scene. It's pathetic. We've been cruelly teased in the past by short-lived trucks (see Austin Grill's brief four-month run) and never-got-out-of-park trucks (Rolling Wit Burgers), but we've yet to have any legit, burger goodness rolling through the streets of the D.M.V. on a regular basis. But all that's about to change. Beginning this month, local boys Drew Wende and Roman Diaz are bringing Dorothy Moon's Gourmet Burgers truck to the curbside, answering our greasy prayers to sling handmade burgers to the hungry people of D.C. Wende and Diaz, both Fairfax City natives and JMU grads, will hook up a menu of five burgers: The Tony Pepperoni (homemade marinara sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni), The Mexican Entourage (guacamole, pico del gallo, jalapenos and cheddar), The Classic (lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, cheddar, Swiss, mayo, ketchup and mustard), The James Madison (grilled teriyaki mushrooms, bacon and Swiss) and one of our favorite combos: a fried egg, bacon and cheddar mix called The Dorothy. All burgers will be made with 4-ounce patties, available in both single and double patty options, cooked up on a 48" x 33" flat top griddle. The meat, a chuck and 28-day-aged steak mix, is locally sourced from Maryland Quality Meats. "It's great stuff," says Wende. Burgers should run between 7 and 9 bucks. No fries or onion rings on the side, however, as there's no fryer on board due to limited truck space. Instead, they plan to offer up chips, potato salad and fruit salad. Wende is no rookie to the ground-beef scene. Starting his food service career at Domino's, he moved on to Five Guys where he fell in love with crafting burgers. After stints at four different Five Guys locations, he decided he wanted to break out on his own. "I knew I wanted to start my own quick service spot and get our product into the hands of the consumer," says Wende. And when Diaz told him about a friend who started his own food truck, Wende loved the idea and they ran with it. Dorothy Moon's Gourmet Burgers is shooting for a mid-November debut in D.C. first –around K St. and other food truck hot spots– with plans for Arlington and Alexandria in the near future. The lunch crowd will be their main focus but they also plan on targeting the late-night crowd on weekends. You can follow Dorothy Moon's Gourmet Burgers on Facebook and on Twitter @DorothyMoon1. (And how about that name? After receiving a bizarre message from an anonymous number late one night in which a woman proceeded to rattle off personal info about one of their friends, the woman's name stuck with Wende. Yes, her name was Dorothy Moon. Let's hope she doesn't expect any royalty checks.)

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