Meat on Meat, Stuffed With Meat. Meat. [BEEF BRIEF]

During our day-to-day adventures, we plow through so many burgs and we fail to share a lot of them here at Burger Days. We think that’s just wrong. So in an effort to spread more beefy goodness, we introduce Beef Briefs, short, brief looks at more of the burgers we take to the face. Where’s the beef? It’s right f**king here.


It's not a pretty burger. Not in the least.

This sloppy beast is the star of today's Epic Burger Wednesday at Mad Fox Brewing Company and it's a whole hell of a lot of meat.

The Radar is a bacon, havarti and caramelized onion stuffed burger topped with white bean chili and the bane of cardiologists and personal trainers everywhere. If you're looking for a meal to last you until the weekend, this is it.

Unlike the ones we encountered last month, this is a true stuffed burger. It's pretty much two burgers in one, as the cheese, onions and bacon are encased between two patties which are then sealed off around the edges before being tossed on the grill.


The first thing you notice when biting in is the chili which makes this burger damn near impossible to eat without a knife and fork-- the bottom bun is well on its way to disintegration before it arrives at the table. The onions hit your taste buds next followed by the impressively smokey bacon. The taste of the chopped up pig candy lingered on our tongues well after we finished each bite (and an hour later, we're still getting whiffs). The havarti was good and melty but lost amid the mound of meat --God, so much meat-- masquerading as our lunch. This thing should be served with a side of statins. 

If you do decide to tackle this behemoth, come hungry, readers. And call off dinner.

The Radar is available today only at Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church.

Mad Fox Brewing Company | 444 West Broad Street | Falls Church | 

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