What’s More Easter-y Than a Chocolate-Covered Bacon, Cheese-Stuffed Burger?

mfcadbury2 Thank goodness we decided to give up tofu for Lent because if we had chosen any one of the more appropriate items – red meat, cheese, chocolate, GLUTTONY – we'd be shit out of luck today. Behold the Cad-Burger Egg, Mad Fox Brewing Company's Easter Epic Burger Wednesday special featuring just about every (food-related) sinful pleasure. Check out this stack: Beef? Well, of course –there's a half-pound of the stuff on this thing which leads us to.... Cheese? You're damn right. This burger is actually a Juicy Lucy as the eight-ounce ball of meat is jam-packed with cheese, and two kinds at that: mozzarella and something akin to Velveeta, the two mimicking the white and yellow inside of a Cadbury Egg. Bacon? Hell yeah. There's two strips of pork candy resting on top of the cheese-stuffed beef bomb but not only is there bacon but it's covered in... CHOCOLATE. Yah, for real. Come on, what's a Cadbury Egg without the shell? Both strips of bacon take a dip in a chocolate bath before crowning the meat. Add in some sautéed onions and celery slaw (gotta get your healthy on somewhere) and this play on an Easter favorite is bound to cut short many a Lent observation. Ya heathens. Mad Fox Brewing Company | 444 West Broad Street | Falls Church | 2218 Wisconsin Avenue NW | DC | madfoxbrewing.com

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