Mad Fox & Burger Days Collaborate on Chicken & Waffle Burger for F.C. Restaurant Week

cluckmoobdmf2 Our first-ever burger collaboration is here as Burger Days and Mad Fox Brewing Company have teamed up to present a chicken and waffle-burger mashup, the Cluck Moo, for Falls Church Restaurant Week. Sandwiching a half-pound beef patty and FRIED CHICKEN SKINS between a savory Kolsch funnel cake waffle bun, despite a promising career in burger creation, we're seriously considering dropping the mic and retiring on top. The anchor for the burger, the beef, is a half-pound of Mad Fox executive chef Travis Weiss' signature blend of sirloin, chuck and ribeye and gets topped with Tillamook cheddar, a slathering of dijon aioli and crispy, salty fried chicken skins before a drizzle of Orange Whip cracked pepper maple syrup blankets seals the deal with a sweet and sticky kiss. Good morning. Good afternoon. And goodnight. And about those waffles, after several attempts at a bun with the stability and structural integrity to withstand the weighty insides of this one, Weiss perfected the Kolsch funnel cake creation by dipping brioche in the batter before tossing it in the waffle iron. "This is a game changer," he said before rattling off several more ideas he has for the new hybrid bun. Because of F.C. Restaurant Week, normally a Wednesday-only event, this epic burger will be available all week long, through Sunday, so there's plenty of opportunity to get up and close with the Cluck Moo before, like a sweet and salty dream, it disappears for good. Mad Fox Brewing Company | 444 West Broad Street | Falls Church |

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