GOP Takes BLT’s Burger Election; Dems Leading at BGR & Good Stuff

The polls have closed on one of three D.C. burger elections, while the other two are still going strong until Election Day. After a two week run, the Romeny/Ryan burger ticket at BLT Steak cruised to victory over the Obama/Biden slate in a landslide, 150-82. The ham- and pineapple-topped Obama and Sloppy Joe-covered Biden burgers were no match for the GOP duo. In fact, the Ryan burger --a Wisconsin cheddar, Nueske bacon and grilled apple-topped burg-- needed no help from Romney's pastrami and fry-sauce burger; the VP's was ordered more than 115 times on its own. After extensive analysis, I think we can all see the clear winner in this race and it shouldn't be any surprise: IT'S BACON. The burger polls may be closed, but BLT Steak will continue to sell and tally the presidential burgers through Election Day. At BGR The Burger Joint, the POTUS and his Chicago hot dog, relish and pepper topped burg has a 688-542 lead over Romney's surf and turf burger with lobster and hollandaise. But while Obama has the lead nationally, BGR points out that in the two battleground states of Virginia and Florida, the Romney burger has the edge, 226-209 and 116-110 respectively. Both candidate's burgers are available as BOTMs this month and the totals will continue to be tallied through Election Day. And in the final Red vs. Blue burger battle at Good Stuff Eatery, Democrat James Carville and his roasted creole onion slice, fried pickles, cheddar and chipotle-chili BBQ sauce burger is crushing the Mary Matalin-inspired burger with grilled Portobello, sharp goat cheese, tomato, red onions, arugula and Peppadew pepper mayo, 1,357 to 856. Like the others, both burgers will be sold and numbers counted until Election Day.  

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