Fresh Cut Fries Coming to D.C. Shake Shacks in 2 Weeks

Fresh to death. (Photo: Shake Shack)

Fresh to death. (Photo: Shake Shack)

Say goodbye to Shake Shack's crinkle cut fries, D.C., they're about to be kicked to the curb. In two weeks time, the frozen Ore-Ida-lookin' spuds at both D.C. locations will be replaced by the brand-spankin' new fresh cuts the burger joint announced last year. On April 15, the new twice-cooked fries start slinging at the DuPont Shack and then on the 16th they'll roll out to the F Street spot, a rep confirmed to us today. You'll still be able to get a crinkle cut fix at Nats Park as the stadium will continue to sell the frozen fries through the 2014 season. Next year, however, it's freshy-fresh time. While we'll always have a spot in our starchy hearts for the frozen suckers, we're looking forward to getting a piece of the new guys. What do you think of the switch? Shake Shack | 1216 18th Street NW | 800 F Street NW | DC |

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