D.C.’s June BOTMs Go Heavy on the Green

Looks like D.C. burger makers did some heavy shopping in the produce section as the BOTMs go big on the green in June. Basil, arugula, mixed greens, pickles and avocados all get major play on the beef this month and that's just like eating a salad with a bit of meat thrown in, right?

The fancy:zola is back.


After getting nixed from the menu back in March, brgr:shack's Fancy:Zola is back on the scene. The Arlington joint received so many requests for the departed burg that they've made the salad-on-a-burger with Applewood smoked bacon, Gruyere, Shackberry sauce and a mini house salad of mixed greens, Gorgonzola and herb vinaigrette their BOTM for this month. Shake of the Month: The fanciness carries over to the sweet stuff with the Tuxedo Milkshake. Cookies n' Cream ice cream, Hershey's chocolate syrup and white chocolate cream come together for this SOTM. 4125 N. Fairfax Drive | Arlington | brgrshack.com  | @brgrshack  

Bobby's Burger Palace

While D.C. is still waiting to get recognized on Mr. Flay's menu, even streets in NYC are getting burgers named after them. This month, the Mulberry Street comes to Bobby's Burger Palace with basil ketchup, fresh mozzarella, Parmesan and baby arugula. Come on Bobby, just throw some mumbo sauce on a burger and hook us up already. Seriously. 2121 K Street, NW | DC | bobbysburgerpalace.com | @bobbysburgerpal

BGR The Burger Joint

Getting all fiesta-y on us this month is BGR when they break out the In Guac We Rock Burger. Guacamole, tortilla strips, beefsteak tomatoes and a bit of lime juice get thrown on top of the beef for this Tex-Mex inspired burg. Bueno. Shake of the Month: Blueberry pie + vanilla ice cream = BGR's Blueberry Pie Shake. 9 Locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia | bgrtheburgerjoint.com | @bgrburgerjoint

Dogwood Tavern

Dogwood Tavern gets a little inspiration from down south with their June burger combining two southern favorites: pimento cheese and fried pickles. We've made it clear that pimento cheese is a favorite of ours and you all know where we stand on fried shit, so the Southern Charm burger should be a slam dunk. 132 West Broad Street | Falls Church | dogwoodtavern.com | @dogwoodtavern (We’re always on the lookout for BOTMs. If you know of another D.C.-area joint that hooks up a monthly special burger, email us and let us know.)

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