City Paper’s Readers Pick 5 Guys, Z Burger, Ray’s as D.C.’s Best

The Washington City Paper released their annual "Best Of" issue for 2009 and the readers chose Five Guys as their top burger favorite, followed by Z Burger and Ray's Hell Burger.

No big suprises here as Five Guys has a cult-like following among the D.C. crowd, but better than Hell Burger? Come on.

Don't get me wrong, I like Five Guys, I think they serve up a great burger and the whole brown-sack, peanut-shell covered floor stuff is cool and all, but Ray's does the burger-thing better.

Fortunately, the staff at the City Paper know their stuff and chose Ray's as their top pick, followed by BGR: The Burger Joint.

That's the problem with having "reader picks"— it's a popularity contest, not a quality one. If you ask the crowd, you're gonna get the easiest, safest choice, not necessarily the best one.

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