Cheap Burger Alert: $1 for $7 of Grub at Arlington’s brgr:shack


The {fire:me:up} from brgr:shack.

We spotted this deal on and we'd be remiss if we didn't pass it on to our readers. brgr:shack, a BD Arlington fave, has hooked up with one of those bajillion deal sites out there and is offering up $7 worth of their tasty grub for a buck. Yup, starting at six bones a burger, you can get one of their grass-fed-beef beauties and still have change to spare. (Though we highly recommend shelling out for their killer fries and/or a shake too) They've sold over 1,500 already and the deal still has five days to go. All vouchers must be redeemed by November 27 of this year. If you have yet to experience brgr:shack, check out our write-up here. brgr:shack | 4215 Fairfax Drive | Arlington |

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