Burger Days III

The third Burger Days adventure has been set for a week from today on Saturday, February 19.

The lineup has not been finalized with only Stoney's in Logan Circle currently on tap. The remaining burger stops will be selected this week.

Those who would like to participate in the burger-fest are more than welcome. Head on over to the official Burger Days III event page on Facebook for more info.

"The third in an everlasting series, Burger Days is an epic adventure that pits the stomachs of the intrepid, hungry, ground beef connoisseurs against the tastiest burger joints in the D.C. area.
Burger Day participants venture out just before noon for the first in a trio* of burger stops. Two of the burger destinations will be pre-selected with the third being a wild card or flex choice.

Suggestions for Burger Day stops should be included in the comments section of this event.

Burger Days III Lineup:

1) Stoney's Lounge (http://www.stoneysdc.com/)
2) ???
3) ???

Suggestions: Palena, Rogue States (still shut down, opening TBD), Stoney's Lounge, 1905 Restaurant, Central, Coopers Tavern, brgr, Bourbon Steak DC, Black Market Bistro (MD))

(Previous Burger Days spots are in the provided map. While we would like to limit future stops to new venues, we are open to revisiting some of the past, quality burger joints. http://fcne.ws/gHeTz3)

The fine print: All participants must order a burger at each location. Sliders, mini-burgers, non-beef burgers are acceptable, however, poultry and fish burgers are NOT. No burger spot in the DC-Metro-area is off limits. Future Burger Days may involve a road trip to other notable burger destinations.

*or more if stomachs are cooperating"

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