Burger Days: Gettin’ All Up in the Web

When we're not stuffing our faces with copious amounts of ground beef (nope, it's not a pretty picture), we're working on ways to give you the best meaty tips, recommendations and burger goodness around. Recently, we've been busy behind the scenes developing new ways for you to get your fill of Burger Days. First, we've set up a kick-ass Foursquare account that you can follow and check out for tips on the choicest burger joints in the D.C. metro area. As we explore and discover more dope burger spots, we'll add 'em to our tips list. You'll also be able to follow us as we eat our way around town, both on our regular burger jaunts and on our epic Burger Days events. Speaking of our events, as much as we strive to set up dates and times to allow for the deepest rolling BD crew possible, we always end up leaving some burger-loving people out of the mix. We don't like this; it makes us weep salty, burger-y tears. Fortunately, we believe we've found a way to let peeps join in the Burger Days fun no mater what their schedule is.

Don't hate on these beautiful badges.

Through the awesome food porn depot, Foodspotting.com, (for those unfamiliar, Foodspotting lets users upload drool-inducing photos of their food and drinks, create food guides and a whole lotta other cool food-type stuff), we've recreated both Burger Days II and III (the first one is in the works), so that you can follow in our gluttonous steps on your own time. With the guides, you'll be able to retrace the BD crew's trail through our never-ending burger adventure, checking in with photos at each spot, and, if you hit up each one, you'll get a badge. (yeah, yeah, yet another virtual button for your collection-- whatever, you know you love that shit.)

More hotness.

And, on the purely sexy side, we've updated our markers on the Burger Days map to add a so fresh and so clean clean look. Anyway, those are just some of the things we've been working on here and we've got even more stuff in the works. We want to thank all those who've been so supportive of us during these nascent times here at Burger Days and we're gonna continue to do our damnedest to keep pumping out the quality scoop on all there is to know about D.C. burgers. Word.   We got that social web scene down, yo Burger Days on foursquare Burger Days on Foodspotting Burger Days on Twitter @burgerdays Burger Days on Facebook      

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