BEEF BRIEF: brgr:shack’s Love Shack

During our day-to-day adventures, we plow through so many burgs and we fail to share a lot of them here at Burger Days. We think that's just wrong. So in an effort to spread more beefy goodness, we introduce Beef Briefs, short, brief looks at more of the burgers we take to the face. Where's the beef? It's right f**king here. 

Two quarter-pound burgers are stacked and topped with melted cheddar, LTOP and a sriracha-mayo blend in brgr:shack's February BOTM. The Crew had mixed-experiences with this one-- during one visit the patties were so overly peppered we couldn't enjoy the burger but on a separate trip, one member dug it so much he returned the next week for Round 2. Also, we're not sure if the sesame seed bun is a permanent addition or just a temporary thing because this was the first time we saw it. The seeds didn't do anything for us however, we'd much rather go for their white or potato roll.

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brgr:shack | 4215 N. Fairfax Drive | Arlington | | @brgrshack

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