BBQ Burger Battle, Goat Cheese & Soft Shells Make Up June BOTMs

A pair of BBQ burgers go toe-to-toe, Bobby Flay brings back one of his old creations and a softie gets pressed between the buns in this month's latest installment of BOTMs. dogwoodbbqburger

Dogwood Tavern

One of  two pulled pork-topped burgers in May, Dogwood's entry, the aptly named BBQ Burger, features sauced-up meat along with coleslaw and pepper jack. 132 West Broad Street | Falls Church |    bgrwhitetrashtwobrighter

BGR The Burger Joint

BBQ burger number two this month comes courtesy BGR with the pork and slaw, only this one is cheese-less. And since BGR has decided to go all PC on us, they've ditched the "White Trash" moniker and instead dubbed this one the sleep-inducing Pulled BBQ. Yawn. 9 Locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia |  

Burger Tap & Shake

BTS busts out a seasonal special this May featuring everybody's favorite summertime crustacean, the soft-shell crab. The Waterman is a crispy soft shell dressed with Old Bay remoulade. Burger? No. Tasty? We'll see.  2200 Pennsylvania Ave NW | DC |   
Photo: BBP

Photo: BBP

Bobby's Burger Palace

Booted just about two months ago from its regular menu, the Napa Valley Burger is back at Bobby's Burger Palace as a BOTM (and we called its impending return back in March). The hoity-toity burger comes with goat cheese, Meyer lemon honey mustard and oh-so-fancy watercress. Is recycling old menu items creative or just a cop out? 2121 K Street, NW | DC | (We're always on the lookout for BOTMs. If you know of another D.C.-area joint that hooks up a monthly special burger, email us and let us know.)

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