Yup, More D.C. Burgs: BTS Opens This..err..Next Week in Foggy Bottom

UPDATE: What's a restaurant opening without delays? Looks like BTS will open NEXT week, or so they say, despite earlier reports. (The Thrillist post says there's a soft opening this weekend, but we don't know what to believe anymore.) Add another joint to your D.C. burger to-do list: Burger Tap & Shake is set to open its doors this next week in Foggy Bottom. The Post takes a look at the Passion Food restaurant folks' new spot headed up by former DC Coast Chef Jeff Tunks. From the article, we learn that the burgers at BTS will be six ounce patties made with a 3:1 mix of organic wet-aged chuck and brisket with 18-22 percent fat. The meat will be ground in-house and instead of hand-formed patties, they'll be using a burger press. On the cooking side, the patties will be seared first on a charcoal grill and then finished on the griddle. As for the "Tap" and "Shake," they refer to the 20 beers they'll have on draft and the selection of milkshakes, of course. BTS is set to open mid- next week at 2200 Pennsylvania Ave NW. [blackbirdpie id="119207522115653632"]    

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