You Can’t Go Wrong With Cheese & Fried Stuff on Meat. You Just Can’t.


Super Fry Fricklin' its way into D.C. Shake Shacks.

Fried pickled jalapeños, fried shallots and cheese sauce. On a hot dog.  Like we needed another reason to hit up Shake Shack (or refill our Lipitor prescriptions) .

Starting today, this magnificent beast, AKA the Super Fry Frickle Dog, will be available at the burger slinger's F Street and Dupont locations. But here's the kicker-- it's for 10 days only. The hot dog is a special, limited-time collaboration between the Shack and D.C.'s own Gordy's Pickle Jar. The Vienna all-beef griddled wiener is topped with fried Gordy's Thai Basil Jalapeño pickles, ShackMeister Ale-marinated crispy shallots and a cheddar-American cheese sauce, all nestled in a Martin's bun. It's the Burger Days holy trinity of goodness: meat, cheese and fried shit. It don't get much better than that.

Just get inside us already.

Just get inside us already.

The Super Fry Frickle Dog will set you back $4.50 and is available at both D.C. Shake Shacks from March 14-23.

And speaking of limited-time items...

SHACK BONUS: Irish Fries Are Smiling, a special St. Patrick's Day order of fries topped with horseradish cream, scallions and applewood smoked bacon will be available starting today and running through Monday, March 17.

(While we're on the fry tip, we hear that Shake Shack's transition from crinkle-cut to fresh-cut fries in D.C. will be taking place in about three weeks or so...)

Shake Shack | 800 F Street NW | 1216 18th Street NW | DC |

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