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We just received the menu to Alex McCoy’s new burger pop-up debuting this Sunday and we want to eat everything on it.

Lucky Buns, which opens this Sunday at noon inside Alfie’s in Park View, will feature a lineup of six burgers:

• the two certified-fabulous, Burger Days-approved Original Gangster and Alfie’s [Aussie] burgers;

• a twist on McCoy’s hit at Crisp, the Royale with cheese, featuring smoked cheddar (at Crisp, it’s gouda), yellow mustard, garlic mayo, house pickles, shaved red onion and iceberg,

• the Belly Bun with bacon XO sauce, smoked cheddar, charred red onion, nam jim mayo and arugula;

• a green chili cheeseburger (YES. YES. YES.) highlighted by charred green chili relish, mustard, garlic mayo and smoked cheddar;

and a veggie burger with pickled daikon, cucumber, green onion, coriander and fresh herbs.

Just put it all inside us already.

McCoy's Alfie's burger will be joined by five others at the chef's new pop-up, Lucky Buns, opening Sunday.

McCoy’s Alfie’s burger will be joined by five others at the chef’s new pop-up, Lucky Buns, opening Sunday.

There’s also an option to add streaky bacon or avocado to any burger. And while there won’t be fries, Lucky Buns will offer slaw, potato chips, potato salad and a salad on the side.

Lucky Buns will be open Sundays, starting this weekend, from noon to 9 p.m., at Alfie’s at 3301 George Avenue NW in Park View.

Lucky Buns (inside Alfie’s) | 3301 Georgia Avenue NW | DC | luckybunsdc.com

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