Tysons’ Kraze Delayed Again; Barracks Row Location May Open 1st

krazelogoThe long-delayed opening of Kraze Burger's third U.S. location is just around the corner, but now it's just a question of where that third location will be. The Korean-based joint, currently with restaurants in Bethesda and Lansdowne, was scheduled to open in Tysons Galleria last December but delays over building permits pushed the estimated opening back to March. But with the calendar flipping to May in two days, the grills at Kraze Tysons are still cold. Now the upcoming Barracks Row location may leapfrog Tysons and open first. "It’s been a crazy couple of months as we have multiple locations opening soon," Kraze's Diana Lee tells us,  "At this point in time though, it seems that our location in Barracks Row may actually open before Tysons." Lee says they're still pushing hard at the Galleria and hope to open there in May. A fifth Kraze location set for Germantown is still on track for a June opening.    

  • I live in Korea…and I can tell you that Kraze burger is pretty terrible. In a city where a Whopper is considered a decent burger Kraze burger is still bleh…dont get your hopes up for this one…unless they have totally changed their menu/recipes for their american locations

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