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With the sun beating down under a cloudless sky at Arlington's Gateway Park, Willow Restaurant bested 15 other competitors to take home its third consecutive title at the D.C. BRGR Bash on Saturday.

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When an opportunity arises to tick multiple entries off our burger to-do list – and all in the span of one day – we're all over it like grease on a griddle.

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Last Saturday, the 2014 D.C. BRGR Bash stepped up its game to go along with a change in name and venue. This year’s sold-out burger bonanza featured twice as many competitors slinging beef, pork and lamb burgers as well as more booze to wash it all down.

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With a new name, new venue and new lineup of participants, the burger bash formerly known as BRGR Battle is back and the beef starts flying next Saturday.

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