Stay on the Couch, Wiinkys Will Now Bring Burgers to You

Burger King made a splash late last year when they announced they were starting delivery in the D.C. area and now a local joint is getting in on the burgers-to-your-door action. Wiinky's, the late-night Arlington burger spot that opened a year ago this month announced yesterday that they too will start delivering the beef. Equipped with a new on-line ordering system, the Ballston-area Wiinkys will serve quite a decently-sized area considering the size of their operation. Their map shows a delivery area extending to Columbia Pike and Carlin Springs to the south, as far north as 25th Street, out to Upton Hill park in the west and to Rosslyn in the east. The minimum delivery amount is $12 and a delivery charge of $3 to $3.50 will be tacked on depending on distance. Wiinkys is not the only D.M.V. burger joint with the new online hotness as Bobby's Burger Palace just announced online ordering (but no delivery) for their K Street and College Park locations this past week. Other D.C.-area spots that let you get all Internet-y with your order include Five Guys, Elevation Burger, Arlington's Big Buns, Falls Church's Burger 7 and Reston's Be Right Burger. Wiinkys | 3902 Wilson Blvd | Arlington | | @wiink_burger

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