Red Apron Revamps Menu, Adds 2 New Burgers to the Mix

1234435_706671966025249_1013569537_nQueue the drool-- Burger Days fave Red Apron Butcher has tripled the burger lineup at its Merrifield joint, with two additional burgs joining its dynamite Original. The Bacon Burger hooks up a beef-and-bacon grind patty from Chef Nate Anda and gets topped with American cheese, beer-braised onions and island sauce. The Cotechino is a pork sausage burger with arugula, pickled fennel, white aioli and green sauce. In fact, the whole menu at the Mosaic spot has been revamped (don't worry-- the Porkstrami and Cubano are still there) with a slew of new grubbers including two bologna sandwiches (Old School and Grown Up), beef and cheddar (sorry Arby's), chicken salad and a whole meaty bunch more. All this delicious innovation does come at a slight cost, however-- the Original burger gets a price bump up to $10 from $8. Red Apron Butcher | 8298 Glass Alley | Fairfax | 

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