Kiss the Dream Burgher Goodbye



Say goodbye to the Dream Burgher. When Eamonn's on Columbia Pike makes its transition to the "healthier" Society Fair next month, their lineup of burgers including the deep-fried Wurly Burgher and the Arlington-exclusive, double-pattied, three-meat-topped Dream Burgher will be but a memory.* An Eamonn's rep tells us that the short-timers will still be available for another week or two at most, so if you're feening for a greasy fix, you best get moving. We recommend going all in and doing it Burger Days-style with a combination of the two: a Dream Burger, Wurly Style. Yeah, that's TWO deep-fried patties with double cheddar, salami, roast chicken and bacon on a bun. With the menu change, there's no doubt our doctors will breathe a heavy sigh of relief but you can bet we'll be shedding many a salty, saturated-fat tainted tear. Eamonn's a Dublin Chipper | 2413 Columbia Pike | Arlington | * The Dream Burgher was an Arlington Eamonn's exclusive. A batter burger is still available at the Alexandria joint.

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