How Much Beef Can You Take to the Face in 10 Minutes?

zburgerfull OK, burger bingers-- it's that time of the year again. Z-Burger is putting out the call for participants in their annual Independence Burger Eating Contest where eaters throw down the beef for a chance of winning a top prize of $1,250 in cash money and $1,250 worth of Z-Burger grub. This is the fifth annual event for the D.C.-based joint, but to date, only one man has walked away as top glutton: "Furious" Pete Czerwinski. The Canadian chewer took down 15 burgers in 10 minutes in 2012 to earn the title for the fifth straight year. (Attention potential challengers: Pete's totals have been trending downward-- he swallowed 23 in 2010 and 17 in 2011). But even if you can't top the Canuck, prizes will be awarded to the also-rans too. Second place takes home a split of $750 cash and $750 in Z-Burger food, third gets $500 and $500, fourth sees $300 a piece and fifth place earns $200 in both cash and eats. And winners who just can't stomach the thought of even more burgers, can opt to donate their food prizes to local charities of their choice. Those who think they can survive a 10-minute hot beef injection to the face and interested in competing should visit or email with their name, age, address and why they want to compete. If inhaling burgers isn't your thing, don't worry-- just observing the meat massacre will earn you free burgers following the contest. Z-Burger's 5th Annual Independence Day Eating Contest will be held Wednesday, July 3rd at noon at Z-Burger's Tenleytown location at 4321 Wisconsin Ave NW.      

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