Furious Pete Downs 15 Burgers in 10 Minutes to Win Z-Burger Contest. Again.

"Furious" Pete Czerwinksi was once again crowned top glutton at Z-Burger's annual Independence Burger Eating Contest this afternoon. The beef baron downed 15 burgs in 10 minutes to take home his fourth consecutive title, $1,000 and $1,000 Z-Burger tokens. While we readily admit our burger-inhaling skills can't hold a greasy candle to Pete's, we can' t help but notice his declining consumption numbers. In 2010 he took down 23 burgers and last year he polished off 17. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe Pete's watching his furious figure. But if this trend continues, anyone who can knock out a Wendy's Triple will have a shot at winning this thing in a few years.

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