Get Shake’d After the D.C. Quake


(Courtesy: Rob Beschizza)

We guessed 59 cent burgers, but instead, Z-Burger is hitting us with 5.9 cent milkshakes in the wake of today's 5.9 (actually downgraded to a 5.8) magnitude earthquake. Just say "shake it up" when the offer goes live tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24, and get one of their 75 flavors of shakes for less than six cents (man, giving change is gonna be a bitch) at their Tenelytown location at 4321 Wisconsin Ave. The offer is valid for one person a pop. Those feening for the hook-up a bit sooner can hit up Elevation Burger, where joints in Falls Church, Germantown and Park Potomac are offering up half-priced shakes for the rest of today.  

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