Dorothy Moon Is Calling It Quits


So long, Dorothy Moon, we hardly knew ya. It seems like only yesterday we were extolling the debut of D.C.'s first-ever, full-time burger tuck, but now, just nine months after first hitting the streets, it's rolling off into the greasy sunset. While they're still currently slinging the street meat, the partners behind Dorothy Moon's JMU-colored beef mobile, Drew Wende and Roman Diaz, are going their separate ways. The guys are soliciting offers for their truck, so if you're interested in a big, bright, purple burger cooker on wheels, give them a call at 703-955-6982 or shoot 'em an email at [blackbirdpie url=""] After Dorothy Moon flips their last patty, the grand total of burger trucks in D.C. will be zero*. And we're not O.K. with that. So somebody buy this Barney-looking motherfucker and remedy this soon-to-be lack of beef on the street. Immediately. "I have a feeling I'm not done with burgers," Wende told us, "I have a feeling Dorothy is just taking a vacation. She may be revived one day." Here's hopin'. *Still no sign of the Snob Burger truck, which was supposed to roll onto the scene back in the beginning of July.   

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