DC’s BLT Steak Unveils New ‘Burger Board’

Attention D.C. high rollers– open your piggy banks and break out your bibs, there's a new lineup of fancy-ass burgers in town. BLT Steak DC has introduced a new "Burger Board" filled with politically-themed burgs that may, or may not, require a loan application to get a piece of. The constantly-rotating burger lineup is now available at the D.C. power dining spot daily for lunch, from 11:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m. Thirteen recipes from BLT Steak Exec Chef Victor Albisu will constantly rotate on the board; Eater DC says no less than five burgers will be offerd up at a time. Now it's quite common to pay a premium for a burger from an upscale steak joint (see the $19 Bourbon Steak burger), and there's a good chance some of BLT's creations will inflict a bit of sticker-shock as well. If you're feeling (relatively) thrifty, the Cuban Missile ( 8 ounce pan-seared spiced Angus beef burger with ham, Swiss and mustard) and BLT Monument (double stacked 4 ounce Angus beef burgers with an onion ring, lettuce, tomato and BLT sauce) are good bets at $14 a pop, while the top-hat-and-monocle crowd should eye up options like The Birth Certificate (8 ounce Kobe beef patty with grilled Spam and pineapple) at $28 or The Bi Partisan (8 ounce Kobe burger, Maine lobster, white cheddar and black truffle buttermilk dressing) for a whopping $32. BLT's burger board is in full-effect now and available throughout the restaurant. BLT Steak | 1625 I Street, NW | DC | www.e2hospitality.com/blt-steak-washington-dc/

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