D.C. City Paper Visits Aberdeen’s Five-Guys-In-N-Out Mashup


If Five Guys & In-N-Out bumped uglies.

D.C. City Paper's Chris Shott takes a trip up to Aberdeen to check out the new burger joint Grab-N-Go that's been in the press for oh-so-closely resembling that West Coast favorite, In-N-Out. (They're currently being sued by In-N-Out for trademark infringement.) Shott says that while inside of the restaurant most closely resembles a Five Guys –red and white interior with a barrel of peanuts and everything– the grub is a mix of them both. Grab-N-Go offers up animal-style-esque "wild style burgers" but also serves up double patties a la Five Guys. Considering Five Guys and In-N-Out just finished 1-2 in Zagat's Best Burger survey, might as well copy the best, right? Check out more in the City Paper's Young & Hungry.    

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