Beer, Bourbon, Burgers & Motherf*cking Disco Tots


While some may lament the impending arrival of yet another burger restaurant to the D.C. area, we just lick our greasy lips in anticipation. And when that joint coming to town also packs some serious boozer credentials and tater tots, hot damn, it makes us downright euphoric. The latest to announce its impending move here is Connecticut-based Plan B Burger Bar, with plans to open in the District next summer. There's currently four Plan Bs in New England and since we have absolutely no patience when it comes to burgers, we went on a fact-finding mission last weekend to their Simsbury spot to see what we've got coming to us in 2013. We're ecstatic to report that half of the "Bs" in Plan B stand for booze: beer and bourbon (the others being beef and burgers). It's an all-American roster at Plan B-- they specialize in craft brew with each location carrying 14 rotating draft lines and a selection of over 100 bottled beers. They also lay claim to having the largest bourbon selection in Connecticut-- how that translates to the D.C. bourbon scene, we have no idea, but it sounds like a mighty fine accomplishment to us. While burgers are the focal point at Plan B, they've got an extensive menu filled with plenty of other eats-- there's a full on lineup of appetizers, soups, salads and big plates including pasta, meatloaf and steak. We'd say the best comparison to an existing burger spot around here is Georgetown's Thunder Burger Bar.

Also of note, since this is a joint straight outta New England, lobster shows up prominently on the menu. There's lobster rolls (both slider and full-size options), a lobster Cobb salad, lobster mac and cheese and since it just wouldn't be right if they didn't throw some lobster on a burger, they do that too. And good news, a rep has told us they plan on bringing the full menu with them down here to D.C. On the beef front, Plan B uses 100% certified humane, wet-aged whole chucks that are fresh-ground on-site daily for the burgers. When ordering you get the option of "some pink" or" no pink," but we had no problem getting ours done a little rarer when we asked. There's 10+ beef burgers on the menu; the standouts include the aforementioned lobster burg, the half-beef, half-pork Squeeler, a cheese-stuffed burger, a chili burger and a spicy mustard-topped burger served on a pretzel bun.

Plan B's bourbon is all over the place: the Kentucky Bourbon BBQ wings.

Now, anyone who follows us knows we have extreme affection for one particular side item that seems to get the short end of the stick around these parts. Boat loads are served up in elementary school lunch rooms everywhere, but out in the real world, tater tots just get no love. Sure, a few spots here and there that hook up them up but they're few and far between. Thankfully, Plan B will add to D.C.'s scant total of tot destinations when they come to town. And if that gets you giddy, just wait until we tell you about Disco Tots. In what may be the greatest side-item hybrid of all time, Plan B takes those cylindrical nuggets of salty, starchy heaven, cross-pollinates them with our favorite north-of-the-border dish resulting in a basket full of cheese and gravy topped spuds. Yup, tater tot poutine. Huz-fucking-zah.

Motherfucking Disco Tots.

While Plan B has yet to secure a spot here in the District, they've told us they do have an eye on a location (and we hear they may be looking for two), and once they lock down the specifics, they'll let us know. In the meantime, peep our photos and get real hungry.

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