Be Right Burger Will Be Here Soon

We're trying to feign mild surprise at the imminent introduction of yet another new burger joint to the D.C.-area, but pardon us if we're somewhat unconvincing. These new burger joints are just becoming old hat. On a trip to Reston Town Center today, we came across the future location of the latest entry into the D.M.V. burger scene: Be Right Burger. And, as if we needed more burger alphabet soup confusion, it appears they're going to be pushing the "BRB" acronym. Awesome. There wasn't much info at the spot -all the windows were covered up- but they did have a few signs up extolling the virtues of chemical and antibiotic-free beef, so add another good-for-you-burger joint a la Elevation and Burger 7 to the mix. Their website doesn't reveal much more but does offer a glimpse at the types of burgers (beef, turkey, veggie) and some of the toppings (wasabi mayo, sweet chili, chipotle ketchup) they'll be serving up. When Be Right Burger does open, they'll be facing some stiff competition-- the highly popular spot, The Counter, is just up the street in the same development. BRB, better bring your A-game.  

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