We Declare November 30 Fatburger Day

Now that one of the greatest mysteries of our time has been solved, we are officially declaring November 30, Fatburger Day. If you missed the hot item on the Internets this past week, a blogger claimed to have found the exact day Ice Cube waxes so poetically about in his classic rap tune, "It Was a Good Day." Initially, the day was determined to have occurred on January 20, 1992, however, after examination by yet another Cube historian, the date was revised to November 30, 1988. Now, this is one of our favorite songs for many reasons (we love the fact that Kim can do it all night), but the lyric that puts it over the edge is the declaration by Cube that his good day included a burger run at 2 in the morning to Fatburger. Talk about one of those fly dreams. So, starting this year, the Crew vows to make an annual trip on November 30 to Fatburger in Columbia, Maryland to honor Ice Cube and pay homage to his "Good Day." Now, that's the haps on the craps.  

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