Ted’s Bulletin & Its Beautiful Burgers Coming to Mosaic District in 2014 [Mo’ Burgers]



We've discussed how Tysons is becoming a burger mecca (Kraze, BGR, Shake Shack, Five Guys and more) but now Mosaic District in Fairfax is shaping up to be a go-to burgering destination itself. We had heard rumors the past few months but today it was confirmed that Ted's Bulletin is coming to the Merrifield development in late 2014. While primarily lauded for its homemade pop tarts and other decadence, Ted's also hooks up a damn tasty burger. Drew's Peanut Butter Bacon Burger (pictured) is a quirky, well-executed sticky and sweet mass of delight and the Southwest West Virginia burg has always taken our bellies to a happy place. Combine that with a weekly burger night and we're all set to move up a weight class when Ted's opens next year. With Ted's in the mix, Mosaic's burger lineup will include the fantastic Red Apron Original, Matchbox's solid full- and mini burgers and the yet-to-touch-our-lips offering from Cyclone Anaya's (opening this Thursday). And, if we feel like walking down the street, there's a Five Guys on one side and Blackfinn Ameripub and their beef waiting for us on the other. Mo' burgers is definitely not mo' problems.

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