Stop Everything & Get to Holy Cow for a Proper Luther This Week


(Photo: Holy Cow)

  We've long lamented the fact that no D.C.-area joint serves a proper Luther. No, the doughnut chicken sandwich at GBD doesn't count. A proper Luther is a burger and only a burger. Well, get ready, D.C., because all this week, a Luther – a fucking proper Luther – is on the menu in Alexandria. When Holy Cow's Bill Blackburn alerted us to his burger joint's latest "Burger of the Moment," it was a greasy, sweet and savory gift from above. Pay attention, kids, this is how you do it. Not content with just running to Giant and snagging a box of Krispy Kremes, the Del Ray burger slingers have teamed up with popular Richmond doughnut shop, Sugar Shack – which just so happened to open a brand-spanking new location in Old Town over the weekend– to produce The Sugar Cow: a cheddar, bacon, fried egg and maple syrup-topped burger, sandwiched in between a special Sugar Shack glazed doughnut, made just for this burger. Blackburn says the new doughnut shop is making larger, no-hole glazed donuts daily through the week especially for Holy Cow. Oh hell yes. Unfortunately, after the week is done, so is The Sugar Cow. While it may briefly live on as crumbs in our crusty mustaches and grease-soaked beards, sadly, it will no longer be available at the burger joint. However, seeing as the Old Town Sugar Shack is less than a mile from Holy Cow, you can damn well guarantee there will be plenty of DIY Luthers* in our future. Believe that. Holy Cow | 2312 Mt Vernon Avenue | Alexandria | *and, quite possibly, a heart attack or two

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