The Trend is Officially Over: Pumpkin Spice Latte Burgers at Dogfish Head


Dogfish's Punkin Space Latte Burger. Yeah, that's real. (Photo: Dogfish Alehouse)

OK, M&M's are one thing but maybe now the pumpkin spice latte trend is getting a bit out of hand. Forget jumping the shark, Dogfish Head Alehouse's current burger of the week in Fairfax pole vaults over that damn fish. You ready for this? The punkin spice latte burger is a half-pound wood-grilled beef patty topped with pumpkin pie-spiced mascarpone along with a Starbucks molasses drizzle. For serious. We're rarely left speechless but...damn. Just damn. Dogfish Head Alehouse | 13041 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway | Fairfax |  

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