99(%) Problems But a Burger Ain’t One

UPDATE: Z-Burger announced they will be hooking up Occupy D.C. protesters tonight, Tuesday, November 8 at 7:15 with hamburgers, cheeseburgers and veggies burgers in McPherson Square. With the Occupy <insert location here> protests continuing across the country, our D.C.-brand of the movement is getting support in one of the greatest ways possible: burgers. OK, so we might be in the minority in our view of the the importance of burger support, but whatever, you can't deny it's pretty sweet. Since October 19, Z-Burger owner Peter Tabibian has been hooking up Occupy DC protesters with free cheeseburgers, veggie burgs and fries. “I understand what the people are arguing for and I support their concerns,” Tabibian said in a press release Friday. “We figured the least Z-Burger could do is send bring them some lunch while they take a stance.” To date, Z-Burger has dished out $500 $5,000 worth of burgers and 400 lbs. of fries with plans to donate up to $5k $10k of food to the movement. So, if you're feeling protest-y, head down to McPherson Square, keep your nose to the air and maybe you can sniff out a free burg or two in between shouts of "Damn the man!"

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