Mad Fox’s Drunken Pilgrim is the Burger to Eat on Thanksgiving Eve

This one will soak up plenty of booze.

This one will soak up plenty of booze.

Because some of us just can't wait until tomorrow, Mad Fox brings Thanksgiving to the plate a day early with their Epic Burger today. In a month of bird burgers, this one just might top them all. With a turkey burger foundation (natch'), the Drunken Pilgrim then takes it to the extreme with a deep fried pumpkin ricotta fritter on top, brown gravy aioli, a slather of goat cheese and a shower of drunk cranberry relish – just like the pilgrims enjoyed on that first Thanksgiving. Mad Fox is staying up extra late tonight (until 1 a.m.) and we can't think of a more festive way to soak up all that Drinksgiving booze than with this one. Eat up and happy Thanksgiving, burger fools. Mad Fox Brewing Company | 444 West Broad Street | 2218 Wisconsin Avenue NW | DC |

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