Ledo Mini Burgers Are Almost as Good as They Look


Which is to say, not very. 

Ok, not at all.  

The burgers were a newly discovered addition to the menu at Falls Church's Ledo Pizza and I'll admit, I didn't have high hopes for them when the order was made. But it had to be done— in the name of burger science.

Anyway, four mini burgers come in an order and, as you can see in the photo, they hadn't even gone to the effort of seperating the buns. They were like two sets of cojoined twins in desperate need of separation surgery.

A peek inside the buns revealed a slice of half-melted American cheese on the top and a some squirts of ketchup and mustard on the bottom. Ehh, I guess that's what I expected.

I won't bother boring you with any other details— the burgers were garbage. The patties were tasteless, the buns were stale-- the only flavors coming through were the ketchup and mustard. 

Some pizza places excel on the burger scene (see Matchbox in D.C.) , Ledo is not one of them.

Do yourself a favor, skip the burgers and stick to the pizza.

Ledo Pizza, 7510 Leesburg Pike | Falls Church, Virginia 22043 | 703-847-5336

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