Get Yer Skinny Jeans Ready: Burger Days VI Announced

We're almost six months removed from our last Burger Days adventure, St. Beef Paddy's Day, which turned into one of the biggest, beefiest, booziest throwdowns in BD history. In other words, it was a complete and utter success. Now, in less than two weeks time, buttons will pop and stitches shall rip when skinny jeans up and down H Street burst at the seams as they fail to contain the rotundness of the Crew. On Saturday, September 8, we'll be marching around the 3rd ranked Hipster neighborhood in D.C., taking copious amounts of meat and boozers to the face. Mark your calendars, Burger Days VI: Hipster Burger Days has been greenlit.

The all-day and all-night burger celebration kicks off just before noon and will continue up and down the land of skinny jeans and double-layered flannel until we are fully and completely saturated with beef and boozers. It's going to be a greasy, greasy meat bath. Unlike previous Burger Days, when only the first joint has been selected, we're switching it up this go round and announcing our intended, though still tentative, burger agenda. Presenting the Hipster Burger Days lineup, complete with beefy details (booze pit stops, not included): Granville Moore's (open 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., 4:30 p.m. - 3 a.m.) - grilled Bison burger, cheddar cheese, crispy Applewood bacon, sunny side egg on potato Kaiser roll The Big Board (open noon - 3 a.m.) - a shit ton of burger options including The Great Chicago Fire (chipotle dusted burger with fire-roasted chili & mango salsa. Topped with habañero jack cheese & chipotle aioli and served with a side of mango-habañero salsa), the Le Burg-aire au Poivre (seared with cracked black pepper, topped with Wisconsin blue cheese & a cognac cream sauce) and the Memphis Blues (topped with Monterrey-Jack cheese, house BBQ sauce & crispy "tobacco" onions.) Argonaut (open 10 a.m. - 3 a.m.) - Argo Burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion & dill pickle chips on a kaiser roll Smith Commons ( 5 p.m. - 3 a.m.) - Smith Burger with caramelized onions, chipotle mayo, bacon Biergarten Haus (open 11  - 1:30 a.m.) - "Ham" Burger - fresh ground pork, sour cream, pickles and caraway seed, bacon and a fried egg served with curry ketchup The Red Palace (open 5 p.m. - whenever) - Red & Black Burger (blackened beef, bleu cheese, red onion, mushroom and bacon) and the Burporken wuth beef, pulled porke and chicken breast. While the photo of the Burporken is still present on their website, it's no longer listed on the menu. H &Pizza (open 11 - 3 a.m.) - no burgers, just pizza. But it's PIZZA and we love the stuff. View Burger Days VI: Hipster Burger Crawl in a larger map And don't worry Hipster Burger Days will be waaaaay less mainstream than the usual ones. And we'll drink tons more PBR too. In grand Burger Days tradition, this gluttonous orgy of beef and grease is open to everyone and we would like to extend an invite to our readers to join us on our beefy adventure. If you do decide to come along, we will welcome you with open, greasy arms, but please don't expect anything too structured or organized. We will be drinking, eating burgers and engaging in the same off-color commentary you find on this site. If that doesn't scare you off, RSVP on our Facebook page or just shoot us an email. As Burger Days VI gets closer, more details on when and where we will be meeting will be available. For tips and strategies on making it through the day, take a look at our Burger Days survival guide here. For the history buffs-- a recap of past Burger Days: BD III: Started out at Stoney's on P St. around noon. After that, we hoofed it to Desperado's on U. We had a brief pit stop to cleanse our pallets at The Saloon (boo), before venturing on to 1905 on 9th. BD IV: Settled in to Black Squirrel at noon. Trekked to Murphy’s for a booze break, then Open City for burger two. Next was Asylum (R.I.P) for lots and lots of booze which led up The Reef. Capped the night off at Policy. BD V: St. Beef Paddy's Day began at Lindy's Red Lion at 11:30 a.m. before continuing to Burger Tap & Shake for burger number two. We took a meat break at Bottom Line for green beer and car bombs and then kept the beef train rolling at Bobby's Burger Palace. The fourth and final burger came alongside pitchers and a bottle of Cab Franc at Shake Shack before the night descended into a boozy shit show at Lucky Bar, Cafe Citron and The Big Hunt. Prep your bellies accordingly.  

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