Free Burgers While Your Savings Wither Away

As your 401(k) goes down the shitter, at least you'll be eating well. Starting today, if the Dow Jones drops 500 or more points, Z-Burger will let you drown your financial sorrows the next day with a burger on them. Just recite the punny secret word "Z-BEARger" and you'll get a free beef, turkey or veggie burger-- bulls be damned. And, since the Dow dropped a big ol' 520 spot today (Wednesday), that means it's on with free burgs on tap for tomorrow, Thursday. The promotion runs through next Wednesday at Z-Burger's Tenleytown location at 4321 Wisconsin Ave NW in D.C. (If this goes the way their cheap burger promotion went last Thursday, prepare for some serious lines. But we heard they moved pretty quickly.)  
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