Et Voila’s New ‘Burger’ Menu Goes 1 for 4

When an email pops up in our inbox touting a local restaurant's brand new burger menu, it gets our attention. So when we received a note from the D.C. Belgian bistro Et Voila! highlighting just that, our interest was certainly piqued. But before you slap on your bibs and run over to MacArthur Blvd. all ready to jump into the burger-mix, hear these words: of the four burgers on their new menu, three come from under the sea. Yeah, there's only one beefy burg on Et Voila's new "burger" menu (but man, does it sound good) and while we are of the utmost belief that true burgers consist of four-legged animals, we'll definitely consider these new options if we're in the sandwich mood. Claiming D.C.'s only mussel burger, their first new creation hooks up Blue Bay Mussels with a scallop mousse, spring onion and chives and is topped with a housemade aioli and fried onions. Honestly, we have no idea if there are any other mussel burgers out there, and if this is, in fact, the first, than bully for Et Voila. The next two are both crustacean numbers with the lobster burger made with chunks of lobster, lobster mousse, saffron and red pepper brunoise (damn right we had to look that up) topped with a lobster bisque mayo and crispy parsnip chips, and the shrimp burger-- a white shrimp, shrimp mousse and cliantro patty with housemade curry mayo and romaine on top. Ok, now that we got that silly seafood sandwich nonsense out of the way, let's focus on Et Voila's signature beef burger. This meaty-beast starts off with an Angus ground beef patty and tops it with Chimay cheese, Applewood bacon, confit tomato, sauteed onions and Et Voila Chef Claudio Pirollo's "American sauce"– a mix of ketchup, mayo and Cognac. Um, yes please. This fancy-ass burger, along with the mussel, shrimp and lobster burgs, are available, starting today, on Et Voila's new burger menu daily during lunch from11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We've just added Et Voila to the official Burger Days map and we'll report back when we tackle the fancy sucker. Et Voila! | 5120 MacArthur Blvd NW | DC |  

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