D.C.’s 1st New Burger Joint of 2012 is Canyons [Mo’ Burgers]


From Canyons Burger Company

As if it was going to be any different in 2012. The D.C. beef boom continues with the arrival of yet another burger joint as the Canyons Burger Company is officially open for beef business in Judiciary Square. Eater DC first alerted us to its impending arrival back in August. The District spot is the fourth location of the Atlanta-based Canyons (two in Georgia, one in Montana) and, surprise, is spouting the same boilerplate lingo of every new burger joint on the scene. From their website: "Canyons is looking to change the way quick casual burgers are served. We use nothing but the freshest ingredients for our menu items....." blah, blah, blah. Curiously enough, with the tag line "Eat well. Play hard. Live Fresh.", they talk up the idea that they are "not just another burger joint," but rather "an active outdoor lifestyle that happens to pride itself on cooking the best burgers and chicken tenders in America." I've read that last line 10 times and still haven't figured out what the hell it means. Touting 100% Black Angus, fresh, never-frozen hand-pattied beef, the lineup has nine beef burgs with a turkey, mushroom and black bean burger thrown in. Highlights from the list include the Red Smoke, a bacon, cheddar, grilled onions and BBQ sauce mix and the oh-so-cleverly-named double-stacked Grand Canyon. There's just one review so far on Yelp and it's positive, but we won't place our verdict until the Crew gets all up and personal with the beef ourselves. Canyons Burger Company is located in Judiciary Square at 441 4th Street NW in D.C. (There's a Baja Fresh and Uno Express at the same location.)

  • SirBehrad

    Just when I thought the burger craze was dying down! Now if Richard Blais would follow the lead of this Atlanta-based burger joint and open a Flip Burger in DC!

    • Burger Days

      @SirBehrad Yeah man, the beef never stops. The new U Street Corridor Black & Orange is opening Tuesday, January 31 too.

  • FourthandEye

    Is this like a office food court situation just open for lunch? Judiciary Square has no activity on nights or weekends…

  • Burger Days

    It seems like it’s a food court type deal. The 42 calls it a “quick serve” format, check the deets: http://the42bus.blogspot.com/2011/08/uno-express-baja-fresh-express-canyons.html

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