D.C. Burger Scene Featured on TV Tonight [BURGERS IN HD]

Burgers-in-Washington_Banner2b Tonight, WETA's new documentary on the D.C. burger scene, "Burgers in Washington," premieres on the tube featuring 17 different joints in the District, Maryland and Virginia. The overall "Burgers in Washington"  list is pretty solid, with Crew faves Palena, Good Stuff, Joe's Amazing Burgers, Ray's, Quarry House Tavern, Thunder Burger and Ted's Bulletin making the cut, though we can't endorse the inclusion of Elevation Burger and Ollie's Trolley. But we're ELATED to see that the under appreciated (at least for burgers) but phenomenal 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church made the cut. With both their duck and beef burgers, they sling two of  the best in all of the D.M.V. Cause: The Philanthropub, Eamonn's, Hank's Tavern, Khepra's Raw Juice Food Bar (?!?), Science Club and TD Burger Bar round out the featured places. 'Burgers in Washington" debuts tonight at 8 p.m. on WETA TV26 and WETA HD and will air throughout the month.  *If you didn't catch WETA's "Pizza in Washington" special, it's definitely worth a look, too.

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