BGR Bringing Back the Strasburger?

It's been a long time since Nationals fans had a reason to go to the park again. Too long. (And no, Shake Shack is not a reason.) But now that Stephen Strasburg has made his long-awaited return to the mound, there's a glimmer of hope for the hometown masses. Last year when Nat's phenom made his debut, along with a plethora of swings-and-misses, he also brought along a trio of burger specials to the D.C.-area. No less than three spots –BGR The Burger Joint, Glory Days and Tortilla Coast– created their own beefy tributes to the hardthrowing righty. And after his 2011 season debut last Tuesday, one of them is contemplating a Strasburger return. [blackbirdpie id="112317608145072128"] For their first edition of the Strasburger, BGR hooked up a burger topped with a hot dog (symbolizing his professional debut with the Desert Dogs) and “Syracuse Orange” cheddar (honoring his AAA stint with the Syracuse Chiefs) and topped it with 14 pickles (one for each K in his debut). So, what might be in store for The Burger Joint's Strasburger Version 2.0? We'd definitely keep the hot dog and cheddar, but with only 4 Ks in his debut this year, the pickle count has to change. Four doesn't have the wow-factor of 14, so we say double it to eight for the second edition. What do you guys think– should BGR bring back the Strasbuger? [blackbirdpie id="112321450656018432"]  

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