After Recent Beefy Exodus, Dupont is Getting Another New Burger Joint [Mo’ Burgers]

bareburger_logoAre you guys really surprised another new burger joint is coming to D.C.? The latest beef-and-bun purveyor set to open up shop in the District is Bareburger, who Eater reports is planning a June debut in the former Cosi space on R St. in Dupont. We don't know much about the New York-based Bareburger, other that it bills itself as yet another tasty-but-still-good-for-you burger chain ("I have an idea. Let's create a healthier, even more delicious burger," says their website. Ugh.). It touts organic, free range, grass-fed beef and the menu appears to vary by location; to date that's more than 20 with restaurants in New York, Philly, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio and Toronto (Yes, Canada). Their website is a bit of a mess but it looks like Bareburger is going for that hippieish, Mellow Mushroom vibe. The new burger slinger's District neighborhood choice is an interesting one. While Shake Shack is still going strong there (natch'), Dupont Circle – once a D.C. burger mecca – has seen its burger joint population dwindle recently as Black & Orange, Smashburger and Five Guys have all shut up shop in the past six months. Here's to Bareburger reversing that trend. Bareburger | 1520 R St. NW | DC |  

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