Burgers & Broads at Chicago’s 25 Degrees

One year ago, we sent one of our satellite Crew members based in Chicago a location and an assignment: "Go here. Eat burgers. Take photos. Ogle broads. Report back." It took a while, but Doyle finally completed his mission to the Windy City's "Bordello Meets Burger Bar," 25 Degrees. Here is his report: As you sent me almost a year ago: "Go here. Eat burgers. Take photos. Ogle broads. Report back." I Finally took you up on the request and hit up 25 Degrees Restaurant. Go here. I hit up this restaurant/bar on a Sunday evening. It is right downtown, tucked just south of Chicago & Clark (for those familiar with Chicago). The restaurant has a nice contemporary vibe, with some outdoor seating, and the place turned into a bar late night. Eat burgers. I asked the waitress what burger they were known for, and she responded with "We named the #1 option for a reason. It's number one." Fair enough. The #1 it is. I ordered the burger medium and the toppings included caramelized onion, vella toma, Aderkasse Reserve bacon, arugula and thousand island dressing. Do I know what half that stuff is? Nope. But I do know what arugula is: it's a veg-e-table. The burger came out perfectly cooked --pink middle-- and was dripping with tasty goodness. The burger was wrapped in paper which aided in keeping the juices off my hands, allowing me to take down another sweet treat that was offered: spiked milkshakes. Godiva dark chocolate liqueur and Trader Vic's chocolate ice cream? Yes, please. The menu also included a lot of options to create your own burger if you were so inclined including over a dozen cheeses and other sauces and extras. One other thing to mention are the appetizers. I'd be underselling the restaurant if i didn't mention the potato and three cheese fritters. Can't really go wrong with a mashed potato ball, mixed with three cheeses and then deep fried. Take photos. I snapped a few shots of the apps, menu, burger, and the inside of the joint. (ed.-- They're pretty shitty, so we're giving you the best one of the bunch: the burger.) Ogle broads. I will give 25 Degrees a slight pass for this aspect of the request. It was a Sunday evening so there were not many broads to ogle. The wait staff was friendly, and young but no ogling on my end. (ed.-- Weak. We like our bordellos teeming with broads.) Report back. There ya go. Solid burger. Nice little restaurant/bar. Great location. When I eventually get the D.C. Crew to come to Chicago for a tasting, this place will definitely be added to the Burger Days' tasting list.  

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