We Swear to Uphold Massive Amounts of Burger Consumption


It's sloppy. It's messy. It's delicious.

In honor of the presidential inauguration Sunday and the festivities today, we're highlighting one of our favorite burger concoctions in D.C.: the Prez Obama burger from Good Stuff Eatery. It made its debut back in 2008 when Spike's beefy creations for Obama and McCain went bun-to-bun against each other in Good Stuff's own burger election. Much like the real deal, the Obama burger won in a landslide and it soon became a permanent addition to the Good Stuff lineup. It's not a real attractive thing but then again none of Good Stuff's burgers are all that pretty. Fortunately, looks don't coincide with taste. The toppings come together with the beef in a gooey, sloppy hot mess, but damn, it's a hell of a delicious hot mess. The burger makeup of Applewood smoked bacon, Roquefort cheese, onion marmalade and horseradish mayo were picked by Spike to reflect the president's personality and are all ingredients he thinks Chicagoans would like on a burger. Now, whether the Windy City folk like that or not, we couldn't care less, because we love the shit out of it. The marmalade and blue cheese are ridiculously good together. The onion mix gives a sweet, but tangy, crunch with the balsamic biting through while the blue cheese brings a different kind of tanginess to the party while also throwing saltiness into the mix. And alongside all of that is bacon, which adds the distinct flavor of...bacon. Seriously, we don't need to tell you what it tastes like. IT'S FUCKING BACON. Put it in your face. The whole big mass of flavor is enveloped perfectly in the quintessential bun for a sloppy, messy and greasy burger like this: a Martin's Potato Roll. It works spectacularly well in holding the thing together while deliciously absorbing the drippy, runny slathers of this flavor explosion. We've been chowing down on these suckers for years now and even after all our conquests, it's still one of our top picks. And since there's now a Crystal City joint to satiate our fix (not to mention, a G-Town spot on the way), our consumption levels are at an all-time high. Screw term limits-- Prez Obama burgers for life. Good Stuff Eatery | 303 Pennsylvania Ave, DC | 2110 Crystal Drive, Arlington | goodstuffeatery.com 

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