This Week in Burger Days: BRB Goes for 2, Thunder Gets Wild & We Stuff Ourselves

With the next installment of Burger Days just around the corner, it's been tough for the BD crew to concentrate on anything but the impending gluttonous delight. However, we did manage to get the word out on some developments on the D.C. burger front. (Mo' burger alert: We hear Black & Orange, the re-incarnation of DuPont late-night fave Rogue States, is slated to open today, Friday, July 1.) Follow our grease-laden footsteps into This Week In Burger Days...    

BRB Goes Double

While other D.C. food peeps were all aflutter over the announcement of a flock of new restaurants coming to The Yards near Nationals Park, our ears perked up when we heard that one of the incoming joints was a Be Right Burger. We're still awaiting the opening of the brand-new spot's first location in Reston Town Center, and have been intrigued by their Interweb-y ordering concept. Hope their touchscreens are grease-proof. [ Be Right Burger Doubling Up, Coming to The Yards in D.C. ]  

Lions & Camels & Bears, Oh My

With the announcement of Wild Wednesdays, it looks like Thunder Burger Bar took a shopping cart to the zoo. The rock-n-roll-biker-studded-leather-clad G-Town spot kicked off the game-y promotion with beer-braised alligator ribs on Wednesday and has plans for ostrich, antelope, bear, lion, and yeah, possibly camel in future weeks. We gotta ask, do you eat the hump? [ Thunder Burger Raids the Zoo ]  

Operation Stomach Expansion

When not dreaming greasy dreams of Sunday, we've spent a good part of the week training for the epic bash. With three Burger Days in the can, we've learned a lot about what it takes to survive the big day. Specifically it's food. Lots and lots of food. In order to stretch out the stomach for the impending beef surplus, we've made it a point to eat as much as we can while training, hitting up three of our burger faves. [ Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Wife-- We're Eating Everything 'Round Here ]

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